No Justice, No Peace

Okay, and this a good step in the right direction… A direction marred with flagrant capitalism. Money is stuffed in the deep holes and crevices of pain created by those who were supposed to protect you.

But it is a positive (?) step, none the less, to acknowledge a committed wrong. And I, who am conflicted because that wrong should have never existed. What is 12 million dollars when the one you would have spent it on and with is gone? What is 12 million dollars, but a cursed reminder of what could have been? What is the settlement of sin but Twelve million dollars of community guilt? What is the message of settlement, but that of the sacred goat?

And then I ask myself the question: have they arrested the police officers who victimized this family? When will the trial be, so that the court of law measures the officers by the same rule of law applied to its citizens? When will the American government structure protect black lives across America consistently instead of the patchwork of socio-economic/mirror-like us bias?

Until then, there is still the echo and will always be no justice, no peace for the American Public because there is now (and has always been) an inherent mistrust in the way the American justice system operates regarding brown and black lives.

But this is too deep, they say. Ssshh, keep quiet, and keep it moving, they say. And as the hound dogs of nostalgia bark in the distance, the same bark of fear over the inherent/perceived threat over reason of our humanity, they say, “Well, if you don’t like, move out of the country.” And still we all trek on.

No Justice. No Peace.

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